• 11 . March 2023
  • Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu
  • 20:00

Concert LUCIE IN THE OPERA with the symphony orchestra has been postponed to March!

The LUCIE group will finally visit Slovakia with their LUCIE V OPERA TOUR in March 2023.

Event organizer Silvia Nemčovičová: “We are very sorry that we have to postpone this great concert for a few more months, but unfortunately the disease does not choose between the organizers and the performers. At the moment, we are not in a state capable of preparing such a beautiful and demanding show, as the LUCIE IN THE OPERA clearly is. So we agreed with the band on an alternative date, in which we believe that we will enjoy it at least as well as it would be now.
To everyone who was looking forward to the concert, we want to apologize for the possible disappointment and inconvenience associated with the postponement of the concert, and at the same time thank you for your understanding.”

Of course, purchased tickets remain valid for the new date, which is scheduled for Saturday 11 March 2023 at the Ondrej Nepela Stadium in Bratislava.


Concert LUCIE IN THE OPERA rescheduled for next year!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis and restrictions on indoor cultural events, the LUCIE band is postponing its autumn indoor LUCIE IN THE OPERA TOUR in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to 2022.

David Koller, Robert Kodym, P.B.Ch. and Michal Dvořák to postpone the tour with the symphony orchestra: “From the beginning, we approached the LUCIE IN OPERA tour as an exceptional project that was to offer our fans an unforgettable experience. Not only musically, but also visually, for which we worked for more than a year only on the stage itself. Unfortunately, at this point it is still not clear under what conditions it will be possible to perform in the halls in the autumn, so we decided to postpone the tour until the arenas can be filled to 100% and enjoy every single evening together, as we imagine …

Purchased tickets remain valid for a new date, which is scheduled for October 20, 2022 at the Ondrej Nepela Stadium in Bratislava.


Exceptional concert LUCIE IN THE OPERA exclusively in Slovakia!

In the autumn of 2021 fans of the famous Czech rock band Lucie will experience the highest peak of their musical season. Lucie announces an indoor tour starting with the Czech cities of Ostrava, Brno, Pardubice, Prague and with only one stop in Slovak Republic!

The legendary Czech rock band Lucie prepared a brand new performance for their fans with exclusive musical arrangements accompanied by a symphony orchestra for the first time after long time! A choir, an organically dynamic stage and much more will be a part of the LUCIE IN THE OPERA concert which will take place on September 30, 2021 at the Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava.

The frontman of  Lucie David Koller along with band members Robert Kodym, P.B.CH. and Michal Dvořák unanimously claimed: „The past period of time has been very challenging for everyone. Among other things, the year 2020 showed us that it simply does not work for us without a culture. As if we lack a piece of our soul, a possibility of self-expression, a freedom, and not just the artistic one, which we should unconditionally protect. The more we are looking forward to returning to the stage again in 2021 and experiencing that tremendous energy that comes with a live performance with our fans. It is an irreplaceable experience…”

Members of Lucie also agreed that one of the biggest and most challenging innovations during the creation of the concept of the LUCIE IN THE OPERA TOUR was the dynamic staging itself which uses the latest sound technologies and visual effects, as well as proven theatrical principles: “It was a difficult and a beautiful work at the same time and we believe that the result will be worth it. It has been a special project for us, so we want our fans to have an exceptional experience from it as well,” popular Czech musicians emphasized.

In terms of music, LUCIE IN THE OPERA TOUR 2021 will literally be a turning point – the band teamed up with the Czech conductor Kryštof Marek, the laureate of the prestigious Czech Lion Award for Music in the film Masaryk, who created new symphonic arrangements for the entire live music performance of Lucie. In a combination of the legendary rock band, the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra and the choir, fans will experience almost a two-hour long cross-section of the entire repertoire of Lucie as they have never experienced before.

The concert will take place on September 30, 2021 at 8:00 p. m. at the Ondrej Nepela Arena Bratislava (Winter Stadium).

Note: Despite the current pandemic situation buying tickets is completely safe. In case of rescheduling, ticket refund will be possible and the tickets will remain valid according to up-to-date legal terms and conditions.

Ticket sale was stopped.

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