Organisers of the Lovestream festival clarify: All announced bands and artists will perform live in Bratislava

There was announced so many excellent stars at the Lovestream festival, which will come to Bratislava for three days in June, that the information about streaming concerts has started to spread around. For that reason, the organisers are reacting: “All concerts will be performed live at the stadium Tehelné Pole as we are used to at summer festivals.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dua Lipa, LostFrequencies, Zoe Wees and, as well as IMT Smile, Lucie, Kryštof or Čechomor – already announced artists performing at the new music festival, which will take place at the NFS stadium in Bratislava on JUNE 10 – 12. The fact that such stars will meet up at one festival in Slovakia is not something you can take for granted. In such a suspicious time, the information about “only streaming” concerts has begun spreading. The name of the festival, LOVESTREAM, might also evoke it.

Silvia Nemčovičová, the organiser, reacts to the misinformation: „We would like to assure fans that the festival will take its place in Bratislava and will be live. No streaming, as someone misinterpret the name of the festival. The name, LOVESTREAM, expresses the transmission of love to music to people via our festival. We aim to bring here the artists that have never been in Slovakia, and thus please all the Slovak fans who do not need to travel abroad to see big concerts.“

The festival headliners, the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dua Lipa are looking forward to their first concerts in Bratislava, like many fans not only from Slovakia. „There are reported full buses from Romania, Slovenia, Croatia or Poland, as well as individuals from Greece, Italia, Spain, Sweden, Finland, or even Georgia who bought tickets. Our artists have simply their fans all around the world, and we are glad that our festival was given preference to other well-established concert metropolises in the area.“

„The first year of LOVESTREAM festival is organised as the three-day-concert festival, each day with a one-day ticket. Also, the advantage is that many visitors can be under a roof, almost everybody with a session ticket. There will be only one stage and little breaks between concerts needed for stage adjuments. During these breaks, there will be an accompanying programme in the food zone,“ Silvia Nemčovičová added.

LOVESTREAM festival is brought to you by Silvi Production in collaboration with Marcel Avram and Concerts East.