Gala concert

  • 22 . November 2018
  • Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu
  • 19:30

Lucie Bíla, the winner of 20 Golden Nightingales and singer with the strongest voice in our region, will perform her special Christmas edition concert exclusively prepared for Bratislava in November this year.

Together with Lucia Bíla we will sing her well-known songs, we will hear the most beautiful musical melodies and enjoy the atmosphere of merriest holiday in year – Christmas. The show will
be accompanied by Peter Malasek band and by special arrangement of symphonic orchestra. The program will be enhanced by the performance of Jan Toužimský, the singer of Arakain band,
and by the unconventional beginning when a Roman Catholic priest Zbigniew Czendlik will start the concert with his feast’s words.
Beside all of these, you can expect a fantastic light show, a majestic projection on big screens and, of course, stunning Lucia Bíla.
We believe that there will be boundless energy and electric atmosphere and altogether we will make unforgettable memories. Do not hesitate anymore and go ahead with us!

Ticket sale was stopped.

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